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--- At the Sea ---

At the sea
A much-loved past-time was and is a visit at the sea. The fresh air, sun, children paddling in the water, punch and judy show, donkey rides and piers. In days when it was unthinkable to take an air-plane to go abroad for holidays the British seaside resorts were a popular travel destination for many people, especially the working class. Here we collect some impressions of that happy days.

An der See

Photographers in Sea Resorts
The many surviving old photos showing happy people enjoying their holidays at the sea are evidence for:
- they show that people wanted a keepsake of this special time
- these really were a precious keepsake preserved over generations.
- many photographers must have earned their money from this business.
There are certain props you see nearly all of these photos. Most often we see buckets and shovels. Other typical props include fishing nets, folding chairs, all kind of ship items like rigging.
After the beginning of the 20th century more and more people got their own cameras and from this time we also see self-made snapshots that are less stiffly posed like those taken by professional photographers.

Fotografen in Seebädern

1880s   1890s   1920s

Pleasure Piers
The introduction of the railways for the first time permitted mass tourism at the seaside resorts. However, the large tidal ranges at many such resorts meant that for much of the day, the sea was not visible from dry land. The pleasure pier was the resorts' answer, permitting holiday makers to promenade over and alongside the sea at all times. Pleasure piers often include other amusements and theatres as part of the attraction. Such a pier may be open air, closed, or partly open, partly closed (Source: Wikipedia).
So far we do not know which pier is shown in the picture above but we are working on it. Also note the beach huts and the bathing machines.

An der See

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