Victorian, Edwardian and George Vth U.K.

--- Fashion in the 1870s ---

What U.K. people wore in the 1870s

Here we collect some photos of people in the U.k. in the 1870s combined with informative descriptions.

Was die Menschen im Vereinigten Königreich in den 1870ern trugen

Hier sammeln wir einige Bilder, die britische Bürger der 1870er zeigen, und dazu kurze informative Texte.

Lady 1871
The picture was taken in August 1871.

Dame 1871
Das Bild wurde im August 1871 aufgenommen.

Girl 1872
The picture was taken in July 1872.

Mädchen 1872
Das Bild wurde im July 1872 aufgenommen.

Lady 1872
The picture was taken in July 1872.

Dame 1872
Das Bild wurde im July 1872 aufgenommen.

Lady 1873

Dame 1873

Girl 1874
The girl's hair is taken back with an Alice band. She has a small brooch pinned on at her neck. She has a very small slightly ruffled white collar. Her dress is not as tightly fitting as those of women of the time. The cuffs are decorated with frilly elements. There is some kind of belt. The skirt part of the dress is done in valances. The girl wears white stockings or socks and polished leather ankle strap shoes.

Mädchen 1874

Boy 1874
This young boy wears a suit with a Zouave-style jacket (fastened only at the top and with a curved front exposing the waistcoat below, similar to the suit shown in the 1860s-page). He has a small turn-over collar (fashionable at the time) and a narrow, small bow tie. He has 3/4 lenght trousers and stockings in a light colour. He wears leather lace-up high-top shoes.

This young boy holds a boater hat on the table, a style which originated in England and was commonly worn at many private schools. He wears a three-piece suit with a Zouave-style jacket (fastened only at the top and with a curved front exposing the waistcoat underneath. These suits first became popular in the 1860s). At the time collars were still relatively small. The boy has a small turn-over collar and a narrow, small bow tie. He has 3/4 lenght trousers. These shortened-length trousers would evolve into the knee pants common in the 1880s and 90s. He has light-colored stockings and he wears leather lace-up high-top shoes.

Junge 1874

Lady 1875

Dame 1875

Gentleman 1875

Gentleman 1875

Siblings 1876
The girls have identical hair styles, both done in center-parts. The hair is taken back with Alice bands. Both girls have small ruffled collars and ribbons with a medallion. Their dresses are made from a light-coloured fabric with frilly decorations at the bodice and the cuffs. The older girl's dress also has frilly decorations on her skirt. On her dress the decorations are combined with a darker coloured braid.
The boy wears a jacket with rather big high-set lapels. His hair is short, away from the ears and done in a rough side-part. We begin to see hair styles becoming shorter for boys in the 1870s. The picture was taken in July 1876.

Geschwister 1876

Boy 1877
This young boy wears a traditional sailor suit with cap and collar. The fabric of his suit is probably a woolen material in dark blue. He wears white socks and low leather shoes.
This young boy wears a traditional sailor suit with cap and collar. Notice the tally with a vessel name and the streamer. The fabric of his suit is probably a woolen material in navy (dark) blue. He does not have a lanyard, but there is a dark scarfe. There is a rank badge on his sleeve. He has white three-quarter socks and buckle shoes.

Junge 1877

School class 1877
The school picture was taken in May 1877. The school is not identified, but it almost certainly was from a private preparatory school (or the prep division of a public (senior private) school). These were boarding schools. The boys look to be about 9-10 years old so they were not the youngest form. Note that they do not wear a uniform. This was fairly common at prep schools in the 19th century. The public schools that these boys were preparing for, however, did have uniforms. The boys all wear suits, most with long pants. Note the many varied styles of suits jackets.

Schulklasse 1877

Young man 1878
The picture was taken in January 1878.

Junger Herr 1878
Das Bild wurde im Januar 1878 aufgenommen.

Boy 1878
This boy wears a kneepants sailor suit. It is not a traditional suit. The sailor suit became a very popular style in the 1870s, but many mothers wanted more stylish outfits than the traditonal style. Some became virtually unrecognizable as sailors suts. The boy's suit here does have the classic "V" front. We are not sure about the color, but a blue shade seems the most likely. It does not look like navy blue, but probably a little brighter color. Colors began to become more varied in the 1880s. Notice that he wears a collar and floppy bow in addition to the sailor collar and scarf. The collar looks like a small Eton collar. We know there are side pockets because he has a hand in one. The classic sailor suit three stripe motif appears in several locations including the pants legs. The pants also have stripes and buttons down the side. The knee pants are cut shorter than the mid-calf length common in the 1860s. He wears three-quarter length socks rather than long stockings that were more common in America. His hair is down to but not over' his ears and he seems to have a rough center part.

Junge 1878

Boy 1878
The boy shown was 4 years 3 months at the time when the picture was taken in January 1878. He wears a sailor suit, although we cannot see his middy blouse because of the reefer jacket he is wearing. We can see his dark-colored wide-brimmed straw sailor hat. He also wears bell-bottomed pants.

Junge 1878

Group 1879
On the very left and right we see apparently police men. In the front we see a group of seated ladys. In the back rows are boys and men.

Gruppe 1879

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