Carl (7) in 1925, U.S.A., middle class: We have chosen to oufit Carl in a light-coloured shirt and brown knickerbockers pants.

Carl (7) um 1925, U.S.A., Mittelschicht: Für Carl haben wir ein helles Hemd und braune Knickerbocker-Hosen ausgewählt.

Carl wears a white short-sleeved and short-legged knitted union suit, which is quite form-fitting. It is made of cotton. It buttons all the way down the front and has a three-button drop seat in the rear. It is suitable for winter as well as summer.


Over his union suit, Carl wears a "Dr. Parker" style garter waist to hold up his black cotton long stockings. Dr. Parker was a physician who designed this kind of skeleton waist to be scientifically more comfortable for children and, incidentally, to improve their posture. The garter waist is made of white non-elastic webbing with adjustable shoulder straps and a cross strap on the chest to keep the shoulder straps from slipping off Carl's shoulders. The shoulder straps have buckles (like modern suspenders) for adjustment of the length. The shoulder straps connect to a wider waistband with two buttons for closure in front. There are also additional waist buttons on the side for attachment of other garments. The shoulder straps cross in back to give the garment greater stability. On each side over each hip there are two tabs sewn onto the waistband with a button for fastening the hose supporters. The hose supporters are made of stretchy white elastic with a buckle at the bottom for adjustment of length, below which are two non-elastic pendants with wire loop and rubber button clasps for attachment to the stocking tops. Carl prefers this garter waist to the underwaist with supporters that he used to wear as a younger boy, because it is more athletic in design and less constrictive for games and strenuous movements.


Carl wears a white short-sleeved waist or blouse with a wide open collar, a breast pocket, and turn-up cuffs on the sleeves. He wears a string tie with enlaged ornamental ends. Carl wears brown knickers that fasten just below his knees with a strap and buckle, and have loops around the waist for his brown leather belt. He wears black long stockings that do not sag because they are neatly held in place by his garter waist. He wears high-top leather shoes that lace up. These are Carl's basic school clothes.


The photo on the left shows a boy who ...

Das Foto links zeigt einen Jungen, ...

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