U.S. people in the 1930s
Menschen in den U.S.A (1930er)

Here we collect some photos of people in the U.S. in the 1930s combined with informative descriptions.

Hier sammeln wir einige Bilder, die U.S. Bürger der 1930er zeigen, und dazu kurze informative Texte.

Siblings about 1928-1932
The date of the picture is about 1928-32. The garters of the boy (partly visible) are obviously pin-on hose supporters that were very common in the USA. The girl is obviously wearing the same kind of supporters, but since her stockings are longer, they cannot be seen. These kids would we wearing underwaists with the supporters pinned on. We know the boy is not wearing a garter waist because the supporters are black, not white, and garter waists in this period always had white supporters.

Geschwister um 1928-1932

Family early 1930s
The photo below shows a family photo from the early 1930s (probably 1932-33?) with father holding the baby. The boy, about six years old, standing on the left wears a white shirt waist with dark button-on short trousers and white long stockings, neatly held up by hose supporters probably pinned on to the garter tabs of an underwaist. He wears low-cut leather shoes. Notice the bangs on his forehead. His sister standing at the right (about 9 years old) wears a print dress and long white stockings. Notice the large hair bow. Judging from the adult and children's clothes, this would appear to be a solid middle-class family.

Familie, frühe 1930er
Das Photo unterhalb zeigt ---

Children 1931
The children playing in the snow are warmly dressed for winter. The little girl on the sled seems to be wearing a tightly-knit winter suit with a bottom almost like tights, with which she wears boots and a stocking cap and mittens. Her older brother wears a double-breasted overcoat with long trousers tucked into heavy woolen socks. Notice his winter cap, made to resemble an aviator's helmet with goggles. These helmets were usually lined with fleece. Following Lindbergh's solo flight across the Atlantic in May 1927, boys wore this winter aviator or "Lindy Hats".

Kinder 1931

Children 1934
The four children standing near a front porch are wearing summer clothes. The two girls in front wear light-weight cotton dresses with white ankle socks and white shoes. The boys wear ankle socks as well. The older boy on the right with a "crew" haircut wears a knickers suit with shirt and tie and white socks like the girls. The younger boy on the left seems to be wearing short trousers (but it is difficult to be sure because of his position behind the girl) and a white shirt and dark striped ankle socks.

Children 1934

Grandfather with boys 1937
The two boys with their grandfather are dressed quite differently. The older boy wears a white shirt and tie with extremely wide, almost oversize, long trousers that seem too big for him. But we note this kind of oversize trousers for boys in period fashion catalogs for the second half of the 1930s. The younger boy wears a woolen pullover sweater with dark short trousers and long brown stockings, probably held up by supporters.

Großvater mit Jungen 1937


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